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Hi future friend!

Jane HincheyThis is me – Jane Hinchey, founder of Little Biz Moxy and I’m on a mission to help women wanting to create and grow massively successful businesses.

It takes guts, determination, ovaries of steel and moxy!

There will be frustration, possibly tears, most definitely wine! 

I combine heart-centred wisdom with practical how-to’s and business advice and I’ve been featured on Lucky Bitch, Coping with Jane, Create Hype, Women Unlimited, Women’s Network Australia and Wonderful Web Women.

My story is not one of overnight success – my tale is one of hard work, mistakes, struggles and overcoming those obstacles to create a thriving business. It hasn’t been easy and it wasn’t until I started working on my mindset and clearing blocks that things started to fall into place.

Last year I intentionally took time out from the digital world. I closed the doors on my Website Design business and spent a fair chunk of time un-plugged. That time allowed me to reflect on what it is that I excel at, what it is that I love to do the most, and what it is I really want to offer the world.

The result? The realization that I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who doesn’t fit into a conventional box, and you know what? That’s totally ok!

I started my business with almost zero cash, pulling it together using free tools and technology that I learnt by myself.

I’m not an extrovert. I’m happiest at my keyboard, away from the crowd. I am the typical shy nerd/geek.

Why am I telling you this? Because none of that stopped me from having a successful business. In fact it helped, because for one I wasn’t spending tons of money on fancy schmancy software, and two, I got sh$t done!

I’ve spent 40+ years of my life developing skills in so many areas, and I’ve created several businesses along the way, from Pet Sitting, Video Marketing to Web Design and selling hand crafted journals and trinket boxes. And while I’m not a published author yet, I have finished one novel and am working on my second one, so I am in fact, a writer.

Today I combine these passions: teaching + writing + creativity + marketing + me to help women really nail their online presence, to get their biz working the way it needs to in order to get their peeps to their website and buying their stuff.  

I create free stuff for you, like this eBook on what your website needs.  

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This is me. 100% me.

If I sound like your kind of girl, stay tuned to my emails where I share all kinds of juicy stuff, biz related and fun. Because being an entrepreneur can get lonely and tough and hard and we could all use a good laugh and blow off steam every now and then.

So I invite you to join in my journey, let’s grow together because I know, together we can be AWESOME!

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To your online success!

Jane Hinchey